Build on the Leading Decentralized
AI Data and LLM Network

Build Decentralized AI with Masa

Fuel your AI applications with high-quality personal data and out-of-box large language models

User-Consented Data

Tap into the world’s most-valuable data streams: a user’s digital footprint. Train hyper-personalized AI models and agents with personal data, from browsing history to social engagement.

User-Aggregated Data

Easily extract real-time, structured data from the public web and social media platforms Masa's decentralized Oracle Network. Masa turns every user into a node worker.

Access Decentralized LLMs

Utilize open-source, cutting-edge LLMs and OpenAI-compatible APIs, without complex hosting and inference setup.

Masa Avalanche Subnet

Leverage dedicated, optimized infrastructure purpose-built for high-volume encrypted data transactions.

The Masa Zero-Knowledge Data Network

Unlocking Innovation for Developers Through Private Data Access.

zkSBT Data Lockers - User-Consented Data

Easily integrate user-controlled encrypted data storage into apps. Build trust and engagement by putting users in charge of data sharing.

Masa Oracle - Secure Data Transfer

Broker data between applications and users without exposing data. Unlock powerful access to encrypted data.

Masa Blockchain - Highly-Scalable Data

Leverage dedicated, optimized infrastructure purpose-built for high-volume zero-knowledge data transactions.

Developer SDK - Rapid Innovation

Plug and play with advanced cryptography. Quickly build features leveraging privacy-preserved, consented user data. The Masa network provides the building blocks for developers to rapidly design innovative, privacy-first applications powered by equitable user data.

What You Can Build With Masa

Build AI applications using the world's largest decentralized proprietary data network, consented and aggregated by users. Leverage Masa's decentralized data network and LLMs and create differentiated, hyper-personalized applications powered by real-time insights.

Train Cutting-Edge AI Models

Access encrypted data to develop innovations in generative AI, recommendations, predictions and more.

Power Hyper-Personalized AI Agents

Power next-gen agents that dynamically adapt to individual users by securely leveraging data, such as preferences, social activity, communications and more.

Pioneer AI-Based Price Predictions

Generate market trends analysis leveraging Masa’s crypto-native data sources, such as wallet interactions, crypto community social sentiments, and more.

Turn User Data Into Rewards

Compensate users for sharing data like usage analytics, spending habits and media preferences that fuel innovation.

Audit Algorithms for Bias

Assess model fairness and provenance without revealing proprietary systems or sensitive training data.

Decentralize Reputation Scoring

Incorporate rich user behaviors and relationships to enhance credibility systems without central authorities.

Unleash Innovation on Masa's Decentralized AI Zero-Knowledge Data and LLM Network


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Read our developer documentation or visit Github to build on Masa, access our data network, use our SDK & more.


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Power the Masa Network by running nodes for our Masa Oracle. Earn Masa tokens for contributing to the network.

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