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What is Masa

Supercharge growth with gamified quests, community badges, and domain names.Engage users with incentivized campaigns to boost product usage, grow social channels, and track and analyze data of verified users using Masa Analytics.

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All community builders. New, growing and established projects are welcome.

Projects who want to

  • Grow community and social followings.

  • Boost on-chain conversions and product usage.

  • All with zero code & zero paid marketing costs.

Blockchains Supported

Grow Your Web3
Community with
Zero Paid
Marketing Cost

Community Rewards Campaigns

Want to grow your community before a major launch? Boost product adoption?

Launch gamified community quests with Masa today to incentivize users to join your social communities, use your products, and boost authentic volume.

Success Story:

~17,000 new users acquired in 10 days for Dackie community on Base.

Referral Program

Want to activate viral community growth? Use your native token to incentivize referrals? Want to track full-funnel event data and attribution onchain?

Build a custom onchain referral program with Masa to create viral loop campaigns. Incentivize power users, activate the power of referral marketing, and get rich onchain event data for attribution.

Success Story:

44,000+ 2FA-verified new users acquired via Referral.

Community Domain Names

Want to bring your community to the next level? Showcase onchain affinity and belonging through custom soulbound domain names.

Learn how to deploy custom domains, handles and gamer tags for your community on Masa Protocol. Personalize your community experience with community domains.

Success Story:

160,000+ new users acquired and 186,000+ custom domain names minted in 7 days.

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