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Masa is the leading decentralized AI data and LLM Network. Own, share, and earn from your data and compute to power AI applications.

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Build Decentralized AI with Masa

Fuel your AI applications with high-quality personal data and out-of-box large language models.

User-Consented Data

Tap into the world’s most-valuable data streams: a user’s digital footprint. Train hyper-personalized AI models and agents with personal data, from browsing history to social engagement.

User-Aggregated Data

Easily extract real-time, structured data from the public web and social media platforms using Masa's decentralized Oracle Network. Masa turns every user into a node worker.

Access Decentralized LLMs

Utilize open-source, cutting-edge LLMs and OpenAI-compatible APIs, without complex hosting and inference setup.

Masa Avalanche Subnet

Leverage dedicated, optimized infrastructure purpose-built for high-volume encrypted data transactions.

Developers: Build on Masa's
Data & LLM Network

Build AI applications using the world's largest decentralized proprietary data network, consented and aggregated by users. Leverage Masa's decentralized data network and LLMs and create differentiated, hyper-personalized applications powered by real-time insights.

Train AI Models

Build hyper-personalized ai agents

Pioneer ai-based price predictions

turn user data into rewards

audit algorithms for bias

& More

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Get Paid to Train AI

Share your personal data to earn rewards. Masa’s innovative zero-knowledge Soulbound Token ensures your personally identifiable data remains encrypted. Visit our Masa App for the latest campaigns and rewards.

The Masa App

Data-Driven Growth for
Web3 Ecosystems and Dapps

Grow your community and product utilizing Masa Growth campaigns. Supercharge your data-driven user and campaign insights with Masa Analytics.

Masa Analytics

The first, unified privacy-preserving and completely cookieless analytics solution for understanding web3 user behavior and growth. Get source attribution, campaign analytics, and user segmentation in 3 lines of code.

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Masa Growth

Gamified quests, badges and domain names that incentivize community engagement and boost product usage. Supercharge your growth with Masa Growth campaigns.

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The Masa Token

MASA is the utility token powering our decentralized AI data and LLM economy. Earn MASA by sharing your personal data.

Masa Token

The Masa Network

Ushering in a New Era of
Decentralized AI


The user layer of the Masa network empowering individuals to securely manage and monetize their personal data using novel zero-knowledge soulbound tokens (zkSBTs).


An intermediate private data exchange layer. Anyone can be an Oracle Node Worker, using their unused computing power to fulfill developer requests.

Masa Blockchain

The data access layer built on a blockchain infrastructure for user zkSBTs and data protocol contracts. A scalable, high-throughput and cost-effective environment.

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Masa completed its record-breaking, 17-minute CoinList Sale, totaling $8.75 Million in MASA tokens

Masa is a proud graduate of Binance’s Most-Valuable Builder Accelerator S6

Masa is one of the 20 leading AI projects to participate in the Hashkey x AWS AI Accelerator

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