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The Masa Network Mainnet & MASA Token are Now Live

The highly-anticipated MASA Token launch has arrived. Buy and trade the leading AI x Crypto token.

The MASA Token is now live on Ethereum, BNB and the Masa Network, our dedicated Avalanche Subnet

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Where to Buy & Trade MASA

The MASA Token Explained

MASA is the utility token powering our decentralized AI data & LLM network. The MASA token is designed to align incentives between developers who demand AI data, and users who supply data to train AI.

Farm and share your data to earn MASA rewards and contribute to community governance.

Masa Tokenomics Information

Masa Token Utility & Use Cases

Incentivizing data supply

Masa incentivizes users for contributing personal data to the Masa Network. Users earn passive rewards in MASA when their data is used by businesses and developers.

Paying for data use

Businesses and developers pay fees to access and utilize the data, products, and services on the Masa network. Fees can be paid in MASA tokens, stablecoins, and other blockchain-native tokens. All non-MASA-denominated fees are subsequently swapped to MASA tokens, with a portion burned.

Managing personal data

Users pay MASA gas fees on the Masa Avalanche Subnet to mint and manage their zkSBT, an encrypted personal data locker, with a portion of gas fees burned.

Rewarding node operators

Masa Oracle node operators stake MASA to operate Masa’s zk-oracle nodes. Node operators receive staking rewards for the first two years of network operation. Staked tokens are locked for a vesting period.

Governing the network

MASA holders can participate in network governance, voting on proposals like technical upgrades, fee structures, and others.

The Masa Token Airdrop

The Masa Token airdrop distribution will take place approximately on May 11th, 2024.We are excited to honor our Masa Soul Name holders, SBT campaign holders, and loyal community members who participated in our airdrop.

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